• a remarkable storyteller – a powerball of imagination and inventiveness, who can keep young audiences spellbound and older listeners thinking.

    Norman Stone, 1A Productions

  • Beautiful Stories warmly told.

    Ron and Heather, Visitors to the Scottish Storytelling Centre from Australia

  • absolutely fantastic. Our children have rarely been so entertained. We'll be back for more. Thank you.

    Gillian and Steven Archibald

  • arguably the most enthusiastic storyteller ever. Her boundless energy leaves everyone breathless.

    Kenny Barr, Cairn Entertainment

  • That story was so brilliant! I actually listened!


  • Amazing energy. What a wiggler! I wish I could take her everywhere I go!

    Ian Whybrow, author of Harry and the Dinosaurs

  • Enthralling. She persuades us to participate in ways we never thought we would.

    Pam Bellis

  • I was seven when I first heard Renita tell stories. I remember them to this day!

    Ruth Hart, Deafblind Communicator

  • Thoroughly enjoyable.  We are all still children at heart. This is something we are glad to be reminded of at our age!

    Elma Carle, Scottish Retired Teachers Association

  • To this day I sing 'Little Bunny Fu Fu' and 'The Skunk Song' with an American twang! 

    Emma Kynaston, Teacher

Renita Boyle ~ Author ~ Storyteller ~ Silly Songstress

Stories! Pen to paper, ear to ear or heart to heart- stories help us to laugh and cry; express joy and give voice to grief.  They bring healing and clarity, understanding and decisiveness. They can help us honour the past, have courage in the present, and move us forward.  Stories ask as many questions as they answer. They can influence and inspire as well as entertain; turn wisecracks into wisdom, help us discern how to love, live and forgive.

Storytelling connects us to those who have journeyed long before us.  It connects us to our shared experiences.  It connects us to our creator who storied the world into being and continues to shape our lives with story today.

That’s what I love most about storytelling: those moments of transcendence beyond the telling and the tale. The undeniable and indescribable privilege of creating a sigh the spirit can inhabit.

Welcome.  I hope that you will find much to inspire as well entertain here.  You will find my books and resources in the shop, see examples of my live work and testimonials under stories and can keep up with me on my blogs.  If you’d like me to come to your school, group or event, please feel free to contact me.  Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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